Deliveries - 0758 263 333 | 0783 860 263 (Daily 9am - 9pm)


The Cafe

If you are running home to beat the hectic Kampala traffic you don’t have to stress over where you can have that last latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate of the day. Coffee at Last is your place – plus we are a cool group waiting to make it pleasurable! 

Free Pizza Tue & Fri

Buy 1 Large size Pizza and get 1 Similar Standard size FREE. Available all day!

Deliveries: 0758 26 33 33

0783 86 02 63

New - Mahali Guesthouse

Coffee At Last management now runs Mahali Guesthouse on Makindye Hill. 5 private & elegant rooms with WiFi and room service.

Reservations: 0704 263 333

BBQ - Every Sat & Sun

Chicken, Beef & Goat with salad, potatoes and plantain. Served straight off the fire in plain sight. #HealthyBites 😉


Available every Sat and Sun at Coffee At Last.


Igufa House Blend

The Igufa blend combines the best of Arabica and Robusta grown mountains Rwenzori and Elgon. We combine the best of both to bring you luscious chocolate and black currant notes in every cup, each cup alive with the delicate and complimentary fusion of exquisite fruity, floral, chocolate and even nutty flavors.

Consider yourself invited to an extraordinary experience in each delicious cup of coffee.

Cafe hours

We are open 8:00am – 10:00pm; Monday to Sunday.

Closing hours are slightly flexible depending on group booking


We are located on Makindye Hill; after Hospice Africa and opposite Makindye Country Club (MCC)

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